Chrysler's Peapod 'Neighborhood Car' Turns Your iPhone Into a Key

The impossibly cute (and possibly malicious) Peapod mini-car just got slightly cooler. Apparently, the included iPhone docking station does more than play tunes and monitor EV usage—it turns your phone into a key too. » 4/19/09 2:00pm 4/19/09 2:00pm

Peapod Electric Car Makes Us Smile Even While It May Eat People

Jalopnik » 9/24/08 5:56am 9/24/08 5:56am spotted the new Peapod-Chrysler's GEM electric car for neighborhoods-in the wild. Even while it feels like a glorified golf cart for "gated communities," it looks great down to the iPod/iPhone dock in the middle of the dashboard. The design makes us smile for obvious reasons-although it's also a little bit scary …