BlackBerry Pearl and Curve Trackballs Being Replaced For Free At T-Mobile

T-Mobile is replacing the antiquated trackballs on BlackBerry's Pearl 8100 and 8120, and the Curve 8320 smartphones for free from the 15th of February, to any customers who are having problems with them. It's one of the reasons RIM moved from trackballs to optical trackpads, so if you aren't having problems yet, mark… »1/29/10 5:19am1/29/10 5:19am

Turn Your BlackBerry Curve or Pearl Into a Shiny Storm In One Easy Step

That is, once you've put on the blinders necessary to peer only into the screen to enjoy this $7 theme add-on, which ditched the Pearl/Curve's rough quasi-future typography (thank God that has been changed) and icon set in favor of the Storm's slick new UI. The icons even look like they're being touch-clicked when you… »10/14/08 9:20am10/14/08 9:20am

Pokemon DS Lite Hits US, Only Slightly Embarrassing to Own

The limited-edition Pokemon DS Lite was actually released in Japan back in 2006, but is just now showing up in a Gamestop ad in the US. The flashy, surprisingly mature paintjob features Dialga and Palkia, the two Pokemon—Poke mons »8/08/08 3:30pm8/08/08 3:30pm? Poke?—from the Diamond and Pearl covers. It looks to come with a nice bundle, including…

BlackBerry Users Get XM Radio, Excuse to Take Phones Into Bathrooms For $7.99 a Month

I used to sleep through class by tuning my cellphone's FM radio to a classical station, sitting in the back, and putting a jacket over my face, so this XM Radio on BlackBerry is pretty spectacular news. All you need is a BlackBerry 8800, 8700, Pearl or Curve and $7.99 a month. You'll get 20 "exclusive" XM channels… »4/03/08 2:44pm4/03/08 2:44pm