New Specs and Pictures out for the BlackBerry Pearl 2

PinStack.com has posted new pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 2, as well as some new spec information that will make your eyes bleed in profound joy. According to Pinstack, the new Pearl 2 will have a slew of improvements — from a better email layout and display to improved voice control software. It'll also… » 8/27/07 8:52pm 8/27/07 8:52pm

Unconfirmed: Upcoming Sprint Roadmap Leaked? Palm Centro 10/14?

A poster on the phonenews forum seems to have come up with the Sprint lineup for the next several months, all the way into early 2008. To start, they have the Motorola V9M on 9/4, the USB EV-DO Novatel U727 modem on 9/30, Palm Gryphon (code name for Palm Centro) and Sanyo S1 2500 on 10/14, LG LX260, HTC Vogue,… » 8/21/07 12:45pm 8/21/07 12:45pm