One Day Every Gadget Will Be A Unique Snowflake

RCA began selling the Gem line of MP3 players, including the Opal. Creative introduced its Zen Stone. And today Acer brings us the Gemstone. Earthly naming conventions are nothing new, from the PEBL to the i-Stones, gadget makers have long tried to portray their wares as organic, natural forms instead of the mercury… » 5/04/07 6:55pm 5/04/07 6:55pm

T-Mobile to Get Samsung Stripe, aka PEBL Clone

Our insider at T-Mobile, lets call him T-Mobile Insider Dude, slipped us a little spec sheet about Samsung's latest clamshell phone that will be available for T-Mobile soon—the Stripe. I guess Samsung copying Motorola on the Q wasn't enough, now they are taking a shot at the more-than-year-old Motorola PEBL. The… » 2/01/07 1:10pm 2/01/07 1:10pm

Motorola Making RAZR-based Linux Smartphone

Seen in this fuzzy slide off some guy's undoubtedly boring presentation, Motorola seems to be preparing a Linux-based RAZR PDA-phone sometime this decade. We already know how Motorola likes Linux for various phones, so it's not out of the question for them to slap a version into a RAZR, pat themselves on the ass (no… » 10/31/06 6:51pm 10/31/06 6:51pm