Maria Sharapova-Branded Motorola PEBL

According to Wikipedia, Maira Sharapova is a tennis player; according to me, she's hot. That aside, fans of the Russian tennis star can look forwar to getting their hands on a special white Sharapova-branded Motorola PEBL. Her signature (laser-etched, natch) is all over 50 of the special PEBLs. There's no way to…

Oscar Swag Bag 2006

Oh yes, today is the Oscars. I must have been so excited that I completely forgot about it. Every year the Oscar nominees are awards with bags of swag usually full of tech and other goodies. Don't fret, there are some rules to these gift bags. The individual items cannot be valued below $500. The Chicago Sun-Times…

Fiery Red PEBL (?)

Looks like we missed this one on Sunday, but Motorola seems to have released a Fiery Red PEBL "for the ladies." It was supposed to be a Valentine's Day promotion, so we're not sure if this will appear pressed against the ear of short girls in furry boots and huge sunglasses around the world this March.


Motorola Losing Its EDGE

From the 'while you were out to lunch' department comes the news from Phonescoop that Motorola has been revising the specs on its most-anticipated handsets. I'm talking about hugely publicized phones such as the PEBL and SLVR, as well as the E895 and A910. What's changed? These phones will no longer launch with…