A City Is Using Grindr and Emoji To Make Its Streets Safer 

Pedestrian safety is not sexy. Important? Sure. But the first thing on your mind when following your hookup out of the bar? Nah. Still, West Hollywood wants to be fun and safe, and its pedestrian safety campaign is very squarely aimed at its young, hip, and gay partygoers. Emoji? Grindr? Taylor Swift parody? Check… » 11/03/14 8:20pm 11/03/14 8:20pm

London's Plan To Build A Garden Bridge Over The Thames

Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the London Olympic Cauldron as well as the British Pavilion at the 2008 Shanghai Expo, has unveiled renderings for a garden-filled pedestrian bridge across the Thames. Though more than £60 million in funding must still be found to make the project a reality, Heatherwick will proceed to… » 6/26/13 6:27pm 6/26/13 6:27pm