Breeze: Finally, a RunKeeper For Those Who'd Rather Walk

We really dig RunKeeper, the smart fitness app that keeps track of your jogs. But how's an anti-jogger supposed to get in on all the fitness tracking? Enter Breeze, RunKeeper's brand-new walk-tracking iPhone app for people who prefer a saunter to a sprint. » 4/17/14 11:00am Thursday 11:00am

Fitbit One Review: A Great Way to Monitor Your Wretched Laziness

Last month we reviewed the Fitbit Zip, which was basically a glorified pedometer. The Fitbit One is the Zip's big brother, and successor to the very popular Ultra line. Is the feature-filled gadget worth a hundred bucks? » 10/24/12 3:40pm 10/24/12 3:40pm

Einstein's Pedometer App Measures Your Aging (or Lack Thereof)

In case you need a science class reminder, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity partly concerned the process of ageing—specifically that a stationary person actually ages faster than someone in motion. Using the iPhone's GPS, along with the Lorentz Transformations, this app will details exactly how much "life" you've… » 4/08/11 7:00am 4/08/11 7:00am

Bandai RPG Pedometers, Like Nike+ for the Extra Masochistic

13 billion years ago, a super dense ball of junk exploded. And it's taken this long for someone like Bandai to come around and combine our least favorite thing (exercise) with one of our most favorite things (pointless, time-sucking RPGS, preferably featuring some sort of underage girl with oversized...eyes...who has a … » 10/17/08 2:01pm 10/17/08 2:01pm

Nintendo Pedometer Is Made for Walking (Game)

Nintendo has confirmed the existence of their rumored pedometer » 10/03/08 7:58am 10/03/08 7:58am with the release of a Wii Fit meets Brain Training meets Nike+ game. Your Life Rhythm, as it is called, uses the little pod to record your physical performance, and it looks a bit weird to me. But then, I don't have a clue of Japanese. []

FitBit is Clip-On Wireless Excercise-Tracker, Monitors Your Sleep Too

The FitBit's just been unveiled at the TechCrunch 50 event, and it's an interesting gizmo: it's designed to clip to your clothing where it tracks your exercise activity, a bit like Nike+ » 9/10/08 5:59am 9/10/08 5:59am. But unlike the iPod/Nike combo, it wirelessly connects to its charger/basestation which sends data to an online database that…

Creative's Zen Krystal MP3 Materializes Out of Nowhere

It kind of looks like a Zen Stone, and it is certainly a far cry from the Zen X-Fi, but this little MP3 player has been discovered hiding on Creative's Hong Kong site. Apparently, the 4GB Zen Krystal is designed to be a sports player with a pedometer that functions similarly to the Nike+ line. It also includes games… » 7/17/08 1:39pm 7/17/08 1:39pm

Ubisoft's DS Pedometer, Get Fit With Your Gaming System

Wii-fit, schmii-fit: why go tromping boringly up and down on a plastic pedestal when you can use Ubisoft's new DS pedometer to help get fit with healthy outdoor exercise? It's designed to complement the cute My Weight Loss Coach DS software—simply carry it around with you all day, on your jogs and walks, then plug it… » 3/11/08 6:20am 3/11/08 6:20am

Lap-Around-Japan Pedometer Lets You Virtual Hike Around Japan During…

Out in Japan at the end of next month, U-Mate's Lap-Around-Japan pedometer is a novel idea to get people walking. Instead of noting the same old landmarks (skyscraper, dog toilet, convenience store, interminable roadworks, pervy builders, etc. etc.) the miles you cover are transposed into miles around the japanese… » 2/20/08 5:09am 2/20/08 5:09am

The Adidas Phone (With Help From Samsung)

If we told you to picture a phone with the Adidas branding on it, would you picture something spectacular, or something more along the lines of a 2-megapixel slider with FM radio, MP3 player and an EDGE connection? Right. At least the phone, manufactured by Samsung, has actual sport functionality with a pedometer and… » 10/25/07 7:50pm 10/25/07 7:50pm