I'm Gonna Kill All You Potatoes—With My Rotary Peeler!

I usually peel everything with one of my ceramic or Adamantium knives, but I guess I could put my manliness aside and go for convenience and function with the Rotary Peeler. » 9/13/10 6:00pm 9/13/10 6:00pm

Can't Resist... Urge... To Peel... Potato

See how this commercial for Zyliss's new electric multipeeler » 10/17/08 9:16pm 10/17/08 9:16pm exploits all the techniques of a razor commercial in order to make men feel more comfortable about giving potatoes a clean close shave. But if the intended result is that manly men feel good about kitchen prep, why promote a peeler? Know what? Manly or…