Hotel Peephole Hack Allows For Spying From Outside

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This is just plain scary. Kent, a guest at an unnamed hotel, awoke to discover a rolled-out piece of paper on the carpet underneath his peephole. On closer inspection, he realized it'd fallen out of the peephole. » 12/01/10 6:20am 12/01/10 6:20am

Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer Exposes Knockers

Mount the Brinno Digital Peephole viewer on your home door, and it allows you to examine whoever knocks on your door on its 1.3 megapixel display. It also allows me to write bad puns in the headline. » 10/05/09 7:40pm 10/05/09 7:40pm

How to: Make a Fisheye DSLR Lens for $16

Over at Instructables, user Banjomaster shows how to make a fisheye lens for his Nikon D90 for just $16, with the help of one of those wide-angle doorway peephole lenses.
» 7/09/09 8:00pm 7/09/09 8:00pm

Reverse Peephole Viewer

Designed for police to look inside your house (illegally?) without letting you know they're spying, the reverse peephole viewer un-distorts the convex lens that's designed for homeowners to view out, not in. You'll definitely find a use for this, for instance whenever that guy Bob pretends he's not home so he won't… » 6/21/06 6:24pm 6/21/06 6:24pm

Wide Angle Lens, for $11?!

Pick up a peephole viewer at Home Depot for $11 and suddenly you have yourself a 160-degree super wide angle lens. This is shown working with one of the Canon Digital Elph cameras, but it will probably work with other pocket cameras, too. You simply hold the peephole up to the lens, then zoom in, take your shot and… » 6/15/06 9:46am 6/15/06 9:46am