Ultimate Perv Tech Creates Model of Your Naked Body Using Photo of You Fully Clothed

Have you ever wondered what somebody looks like under their clothes? I'm guessing you have! Well, so have researchers at Brown University. That's why they've developed some fancy software that creates models of what people look like naked based only on pictures of them in their clothes. Awesome? The researchers claim… »10/27/08 12:45pm10/27/08 12:45pm

Tour Tokyo's Tech Paradise, Now On Google Street View

Google's dutiful camera vans have finished canvassing Tokyo, which means today you can now tour some of the world's most geek-friendly real estate in "electric town" Akihabara without the 14 hour plane flight. The folks at Mars Mag have put together a tour of some of their favorite Linux Maid Cafes, Dream PC builders,… »8/06/08 9:00am8/06/08 9:00am

Spy Camera Hidden in a Book Could Use a Better Book to Hide In

As if you needed yet another household object to hide a spy cam in, here's a book camera. It hides a pinhole camera and microphone and can record video for you to check out from afar. The only problem? It'll cost you over $1,300, which is more than some therapy to get you over your addiction to peeping would set you… »12/11/07 6:30pm12/11/07 6:30pm