The Ultimate Peeps Marshmallow Milk Cocktails For Your Easter Brunch

It is the annual Peeps dilemma: To diorama or dip in dark chocolate? This year, the most polarizing sweets on the planet have become the most polarizing beverage in the dairy case. Yes, there is Peeps milk. It is real and kind of gross but I’m still going to drink it on Easter morning. With booze. And you can, too. »4/03/15 4:20pm4/03/15 4:20pm


How Many Peeps and Cadbury Easter Eggs Can a 50 Cal Rifle Shoot Through?

You probably never wondered this before but the Internet is always about answering questions you never knew you had. Like, how many Peeps and Cadbury Easter Eggs can a 50 cal rifle shoot through? Rated R on YouTube decided to give it a try and blasted through your favorite Easter treats so you don't have to. »3/29/13 8:00pm3/29/13 8:00pm