How (and Why) to Ditch Dropbox and Sync Files with BitTorrent Sync

Dropbox (and similar cloud services) are awesome, but they don't give you that much control, security, or privacy over your files. If you want to take control into your own hands without losing the features of cloud syncing services, BitTorrent Sync is the service for you. Here's how to use it. »2/19/15 12:47pm2/19/15 12:47pm


Almost Half of Net Traffic Is Not-So-Legal P2P (And It'll Really Take Off Soon)

A market research firm called MultiMedia Intelligence—who I admittedly had never heard of—offers up some astounding numbers on porn swapping »10/21/08 3:30am10/21/08 3:30am P2P traffic: 33.6% of North American net activity is P2P, almost all of it illegal. Huge, right? But worldwide, the number is even higher, at 44%. So almost half of the world's…

Cucku Social Backup Stores Your Data With Your Friend, Your Friend's Data With You

Remember the concept of "porn buddy" as introduced on the UK show Coupling? You exchange keys with your most trusted friend, so in the event that you die an unexpected death, he (or she) would come over and take away all your porn so your family won't find it when going through your stuff. This backup service Cucku is… »7/28/08 3:20pm7/28/08 3:20pm