Pelican PS3 Charging Station Stores, Electrifies Two Controllers

Keeping our PS3 controller charged is such a pain that we always have to plug it in whenever we're watching Blu-ray movies. Pelican's Charge and Store eliminates lazy charging syndrome by providing both a charger and a stand, so you can keep your gaming area organized at the same time. The retail price is $29, which… » 10/19/07 1:22pm 10/19/07 1:22pm

Pelican's Xbox 360 Air Flo Cooler is a Port-a-Holic

The Xbox 360 runs hot, so all those silly aftermarket fans came in useful after all. But never as useful as this multiport, Xbox cooler. IGN gear's Mohawk'd Gerry Block (He went to Columbia, which had an 8% acceptance rate, but its not a big deal to him) says the Air Flo has composite, s-video, component, and VGA, as… » 2/07/07 11:33pm 2/07/07 11:33pm