Olympus E-PL5 Review: Top-Notch Guts in an Awkward Body

Olympus has seen great success in the mirrorless camera world with its PEN series. The line's latest iteration is the E-PL5, a micro 4/3 camera that shares a few details with its more expensive brother, the OMD-EM5. It shoots beautifully—what's the catch? » 11/19/12 3:05pm 11/19/12 3:05pm

Photographic Proof of the Apple Tablet...From 20 Years Ago

I know, I know, that headline's a dirty trick. But this is still pretty cool: TechCrunch got ahold of a shot of the Apple Pen Mac, a stylus-driven tablet concept circa 1990 that eventually collapsed in favor of the Newton. » 10/28/09 4:00am 10/28/09 4:00am