Does This Mean Power Drills Are Allowed in Classrooms Now?

Marketed as the "world's first chuckable drill powered pencil sharpener," C.H. Hanson's $7 Pro-Sharp Finishing Pencil Carpenter sounds much more scientific than it actually is. Just attach it to where you'd normally screw in the drill bits; whack a pencil in, and zooooooooom, off you go to sharper-pencils nirvana. And… »3/21/11 2:40pm3/21/11 2:40pm


Doggy Style Pencil Sharpener Takes One for the Team

We are not sure how we missed this exquisite work of art when our beloved sisters at Jezebel displayed it not long ago, but we're just wondering where on earth such a pencil sharpener might've come from. Is this what it's come to? Certainly this is not how we treat our women here at the Giz. This kind of reminds us of… »12/20/07 10:30am12/20/07 10:30am

Living Dead Dolls Pencil Sharpener Will Haunt Your Dreams

The "Living Dead Dolls" Sadie Pencil Sharpener is a favorite of artist and sharpener aficionado Matthew James Taylor —and it doesn't take much to see why. Insert a pencil into her eye socket and watch her regurgitate the shavings at the push of a button. It is tons of wholesome fun for the well adjusted adult. You can… »10/29/07 7:00pm10/29/07 7:00pm

Robot Pencil Sharpener, Prancing Around the Desk, Tempting Fate

Just in time for back-to-school, here's a windup robot pencil sharpener where the simple action of sharpening your pencil revs up the little guy, inspiring him to take a quick walk around the desk before that cranky schoolmarm beatch catches you. Hopefully it's not too noisy; you might just get away with this for a… »8/28/06 10:40am8/28/06 10:40am