Scientists discover unique sex-reversed species with female penis

Scientists have discovered a new species in which the female is the individual who has the penis and the male has a vagina-like opening. According to Kazunori Yoshizawa—from Hokkaido University in Japan—these cave insects are the only documented beings in the planet with this surprising feature. » 4/17/14 12:57pm Yesterday 12:57pm

You Can Get a New Penis Made from Your Thigh if You Misplace Yours

It's the singular thought that's been on every man's mind for the past few days: What if it was me? What would happen if my wife cut my penis off and threw it away? Now we know. Doctors would graft muscle from your thigh or forearm to make you a new one. » 7/15/11 6:40pm 7/15/11 6:40pm

iPhone App Enlarges Your Penis Through Hypnotherapy—REALLY (UPDATE:…

After the iPhone app that fixed erectile dysfunction through soundwaves, here comes another wonder of science: Penis Enlargement. "Enlarge your penis effortlessly with hypnosis. Do you want to enlarge your penis with the push of a button?" the description says. [Updated] » 11/23/10 12:40pm 11/23/10 12:40pm