Flex Mini from cRadia Is Smallest Ever Portable Laptop Fan

cRadia's portable laptop fan could be the perfect on-the-go solution for penis burn, something I have written about frequently on the Giz, despite never suffering from it. The Flex Mini is designed for any laptop between ten and 20 inches, and packs up into a small-ish little package for you to cart about in your… »6/16/08 10:00am6/16/08 10:00am


Pentangle Design USB Extractor Fan Keeps Laptops Cool, Witches Happy

Designed with witches and warlocks in mind, this USB extractor fan with its "mysterious touch" pentangle on the top should prevent Gandalf from burning his penis (and, lest we forget, there's a lot of it to burn.) Attach the two-speed, 60g gadget to your laptop via the USB port and keep your machine cool. You can… »10/19/07 8:13am10/19/07 8:13am