An Abridged History Of Video Game Dicks

FDA: Knockoff Penis-Growing Herbal Supplements Laced With Viagra

The FDA put out a warning this week that knockoffs of ExtenZe Maximum Strength have been found containing sildenafil — the active ingredient in Viagra and other ED prescriptions. Meaning hopeful pill-poppers may have thought those "herbal supplements" were really kicking in, despite science having proven they just… » 11/16/13 11:00am 11/16/13 11:00am

Chubby Checker (Singer) Can Sue HP Over Chubby Checker (Dick-Measurer)

Remember that time Chubby Checker wanted to sue HP over a penis-measuring WebOS app that was also called "Chubby Checker"? There's more fun to come: ol' Chubs just got the go-ahead to sue the pants off HP. » 8/16/13 2:08pm 8/16/13 2:08pm

11 Ways to Make Foods Shaped Like Penises

Popsicles. Corndogs. Shish kabaobs. There are, you know, options. But sometimes, imagery just doesn't cut it. Here are eleven ways to put penis on the table. » 6/21/13 12:50pm 6/21/13 12:50pm

Woman Kills Man With Amateur Penis Injection

You'd think that if were going to let someone stick a syringe into your genitals, you'd want them to have a medical degree of some sort. Or at least a masters in communications. Not this guy! Death by penis procedure. » 12/11/11 5:00pm 12/11/11 5:00pm

Craigslist's Casual Encounters Penises Are the Internet's Best New Game…

Craigslist Casual Encounters is the used condom inside the rusted dumpster behind the internet's foreclosed strip club. But also one of the most entertaining destinations online. Even better than browsing gross naked people? Scoring points for pairing names to nuts. » 8/08/11 4:40pm 8/08/11 4:40pm

Students Prank School (and Google Earth) with Giant Grass Penises

My senior prank now suddenly feels extremely lackluster. A bunch of New Zealand tricksters killed grass in the form of giant penises all around their school's property—and now the internet has made it forever. » 6/08/11 4:00pm 6/08/11 4:00pm

Naughty Chatroulette Users Get Redirected To Hustler Now

The folks at Chatroulette found a very clever solution for their money shortage and penis overload problems. They're now earning money by forwarding all their penises to Hustler's website: » 10/27/10 11:00pm 10/27/10 11:00pm

Stoya's Fleshlights Reviewed

Fleshbot's got a wonderfully written review on Stoya's new Fleshlight and how the various internal textures feel. Textures? Yes. Instead of replicating a vagina, it replicates...nothing. It's just designed to get the optimal pleasant feeling to your dong. It's just like how airplanes don't copy the shape of birds, yet… » 10/21/10 5:27pm 10/21/10 5:27pm

Fully Functional Penises Grown in Lab

In the future, the compliment to give a guy will be to say that he's hung like a rabbit. It'll imply that he has the super-high libido that comes with fully-functional, custom-engineered penises like those being successfully implanted in bunnies. » 11/09/09 5:40pm 11/09/09 5:40pm

Sharper Image Human Touch Massage Chairs Look Familiar

Reader Tim points out that this massage chair, seen at Sharper Image, looks really familiar. You know, we think he's right, but we can't quite get a grasp on it. We just hope they keep on selling these things even after their stores close-you know, for the human touch. Seriously, it's like on the tip of our tongue.… » 6/27/08 8:30pm 6/27/08 8:30pm

First MacBook Air Reviews Trickle In

Click to viewThree MacBook Air reviews are in from USA Today, Newsweek and the WSJ. The first two reviews are both fairly positive, with caveats, but the WSJ's reads slightly less so. Lets begin. » 1/23/08 9:10pm 1/23/08 9:10pm

Google Maps Catches Sophisticated High School Football Field Prank

There's not much to add to this other than "ha ha, you got penis'ed", but we're somewhat curious as to how this thing went down. Was this a prank from a rival school? Was it self-inflicted? Is this their mascot? (Go Fighting Wangs!) Is it still there? We suppose it's pretty apropos that the school is located on Shaft… » 12/05/07 8:30pm 12/05/07 8:30pm