New Microbial Fuel Cells Could Turn Sewage Plants Into Power Plants

Microbial fuel cells are notoriously inefficient. Electrodialysis systems are notoriously expensive. However if you combine the two and add some poo, they can turn waste water into a viable power source. The future of green energy is brown. » 3/07/12 9:00pm 3/07/12 9:00pm

Find Out Who's Pulling Private Data From Your Phone With TaintDroid

Many apps beam usage information—some of it enough to personally identify your phone—to marketers, behind your back. Programmers at Penn State cooked up TaintDroid (ew) to reveal the offenders and help you protect yourself from prying data miners. » 9/30/10 12:00am 9/30/10 12:00am

Penn State's New Twelfth Man Is Science

Penn State's Beaver Stadium is already one of the toughest away venues in college football. But this fall—thanks to some scientific chicanery—it's going to be nearly 50% louder, making it almost impossible for opposing QBs to be heard. » 5/06/10 2:00pm 5/06/10 2:00pm

1Gbps Streaming Achieved With Infrared Light

A Penn State graduate student and professor have built a system that transmits wireless data at 1 Gbps over infrared light. And they think it can go even faster. » 2/11/10 4:20pm 2/11/10 4:20pm