Pentax K-30 Review: Tough Body, Sensitive Soul

A DSLR camera in the $1,000 range isn't usually as quick and rugged Pentax K-30. That solid performance inside a well-built shell has had us excited since we first got our hands on its weather-sealed body. This camera is clearly the competitor to Canon's new T4i—can its photos and videos hold up? » 8/13/12 3:40pm 8/13/12 3:40pm

Pentax K-30: The Weather-Resistant, Entry-Level DSLR for Adventure…

Camera makers have been cramming professional quality imaging into a budget (sub-$1000) packages for years. One of the disadvantages of these cameras is that they're not as resilient as their $3000 counterparts. The Pentax K-30 aims to change that. » 5/21/12 6:47pm 5/21/12 6:47pm