Intel Chips 1971 to 2007, Plus a Timeline of the Transistor's 60 Years

As promised, here are stats for 20 different Intel chips from the past 35 years, most of which I included briefly in the Moore's Law video I made earlier, along with bonus factual tidbits I came across while looking over some Intel stuff today. Here you can enjoy it at your own pace (and without the music that some of… » 12/10/07 7:00pm 12/10/07 7:00pm

Pentium-Powered Coffee Warmer Warms Our Coffee and Soul

Put those old Pentium processors to good use by making you a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning. By the looks of it, all you have to do is hook up some wires from a USB cable to the processor itself and wait for the chip to heat up. Throw a cup of coffee on top and you're well on your way to a coffee-powered… » 12/18/06 10:27am 12/18/06 10:27am

Intel Gets More Aggressive, Pentium Prices to Plummet

Chip giant Intel Corp. took the gloves off yesterday, announcing that it's going to be able to cut prices on its older chips faster because of its implementation of more-efficient manufacturing technologies. As Intel moves into a fourth factory it's built, it will be easier for the company to quickly ramp up to more… » 6/09/06 12:14pm 6/09/06 12:14pm