The World's Biggest Multi-Touch LCD Is a Hypnotic Plaything (Updated)

We at Gizmodo rarely get to feel like TV news bigshots, but since Gizmodo Gallery is all about making dreams come true, Perceptive Pixel is bringing us the world's largest multi-touch LCD. Think CNN's Big Board—only way cooler. » 12/07/11 12:00pm 12/07/11 12:00pm

The World's Largest Multitouch LCD Is 82-Inches of Glass Just Waiting…

Perceptive Pixel knows a thing or two about multitouch technology. And their latest achievement, an 82-inch capacitive multitouch display, comes mere months after unveiling a smaller 27-inch LCD. » 8/09/11 9:00am 8/09/11 9:00am

Meet the Man Behind CNN's Multitouch Magic Wall

Those of you who watch CNN have probably noticed the neat multitouch screen » 11/05/08 12:00am 11/05/08 12:00am the anchors have been playing with . Now that all the votes are coming in and we're literally counting down to the big reveal, the news network has given a shout out to the man behind the Magic Wall—. Han first showed off his wall at an…

CNN Using Multitouch Monitors to Cover Super Tuesday

Jeff Han's Perceptive Pixel is supplying the gorgeous multitouch displays and maps that are being used by CNN (and we hear, FOX) to cover Super Tuesday. A couple of interesting facts: The machines start at $100k, and Perceptive Pixel's staff is comprised of 10 people. [Washington Post] » 2/05/08 4:29pm 2/05/08 4:29pm

Jeff Han Talks Multitouch, iPhones, and Lame Minority Report Jokes

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Bumping into Jeff Han, a man highly obsessed with touchscreens, was a highlight of my Nextfest fly through. He was showing off Perceptive Pixel's 16 foot long multitouch system and I got a chance to ask him about the UI, what he thinks of and the iPhone and other systems, and how much he must hate… » 9/14/07 3:51pm 9/14/07 3:51pm

Minority Report Touch Interface for Real

The iPhone's new touch interface might be nice, but it's nowhere near as involved as the future UI envisioned in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise could drag objects across the screen and manipulate them in all kinds of ways, or "push" them aside to bring up something new. Jeff Han, a research scientist at NYU's… » 1/18/07 8:00am 1/18/07 8:00am