BBG Perfect Gadget List Shows That Tech Can't Improve Everything

BBG has done an impressive thing: It came up with a list of 10 perfect gadgets, unchanged by time or tech. No need to build the better mousetrap, because the tried and true mousetrap made the list. So did the wristwatch, the toilet and scissors. I don't agree with the inclusion of the toaster (I prefer a toaster… »7/01/08 8:00pm7/01/08 8:00pm

Inch Perfect Vibrator Knows Exactly How Deep Your Love Goes

Made with both metric and imperial tick marks, the Inch Perfect vibrator lets you control exactly how deep your loving goes. There are two models, the nine-incher and the six-incher, and costs 14.99 pounds ($28) and 9.99 pounds ($19) respectively. What's the point of this? Well, perhaps you don't want to use up too… »3/06/07 4:30pm3/06/07 4:30pm