Life-Sized Autobot Assembles in French Parking Lot, Doesn't Really Roll Out

French performance art troupe "Not So Noisy" » 10/13/08 9:30pm 10/13/08 9:30pm have spent the last month "assembling" giant, life-sized Autobots from normal cars, and shooting the action from overhead. Of course, they're not really building anything. They're really arranging cars (or people) in an empty parking lot so that it looks like Optimus Prime…

Crawling Businessman Robot Is a Critique On Japanese Salarymen

Japanese Performance artist Momoyo Torimitsu built a crawling Japanese businessman robot and took it to the streets of Australia to creep out little kids and turn on weird dudes with camcorders. The bot is her critique on the Japanese salaryman lifestyle and the apparent upcoming Asian economic crash. All we know is… » 7/08/08 2:00pm 7/08/08 2:00pm

HipDisk Musical Instrument, the Hula Hoop of Your Nightmares

As if the world needed yet another weird musical instrument, Danielle Wilde has created the hipDisk, a pair of doughnut-shaped platters activated with a series of movements that might be quite attractive with the right person doing them. The idea incorporates not just one of these noisemakers, but duets, trios,… » 7/24/07 8:19am 7/24/07 8:19am

'Face Your Pockets' Project Reveals the Inner You

What are you carrying in your pockets right now? Show the world in the "Face Your Pockets" mass photo project whose organizers are inviting worldwide participation. Artfully arrange the contents of your pockets onto a scanner, perhaps add something funny or poignant to the mix, position your face nearby and push the… » 6/25/07 7:45pm 6/25/07 7:45pm

Tag a Pic, Win a Zune or Slingbox! Less Than Two Days Left

You're doing a great job of posting hilarious, poignant, provocative or just plain dumb pictures to Richard Felix's SlickrFrame, an Internet-connected digital picture frame that displays any picture on the Flickr photo-sharing site tagged with the word "slickrframe." Richard's getting lots of spectacular shots in our… » 4/10/07 12:10pm 4/10/07 12:10pm