A Perfume That Smells Like Roses—But Is Actually Made from Yeast

A rose is a rose is a rose, except when it's actually a yeast. A company called Gingko BioWorks in Boston is partnering with French fragrance company Robertet to create a genetically-modified yeast that makes the rose oil used in perfumes. » 3/05/15 9:20am 3/05/15 9:20am

This Expensive Perfume Smells Like Pot In The Classiest Way Possible

Richard E. Grant is a noted teetotaler who played one of cinema's greatest lushes in Withnail and I. Now, the actor is shifting gears by introducing Jack, a British-branded, pot-scented perfume, that—well, it's like he went all Mad Libs on his next career move, because this just seems bizarre. » 2/25/14 9:20pm 2/25/14 9:20pm

Attention Everyone: Pizza Hut Perfume Is a Real Thing

Did you know there are pheromones in pizza? It's true. Anyone who has spent any time in college knows this. And so does Pizza Hut, which just came out with Pizza Hut Perfume. » 12/05/12 12:50pm 12/05/12 12:50pm

MacBook Pro Perfume Project Makes Melbourne Artists Most Materialistic…

A team of three Melbourne-based artists win the award for Most Materialistic Consumers of Consumer Goods Ever, after working with a French fragrance lab to develop––I kid you not––Eau de MacBook Pro. » 4/17/12 12:20am 4/17/12 12:20am

Wine Disguised As Perfume Can Only End Badly

As if Smirnoff Ices weren't targeted enough, these perfume-shaped wine bottles have gone on sale in Europe, with three "novel" flavors to choose from—jasmine, rose, and violet. Because what girl doesn't want their breath to smell of roses? » 6/14/11 8:40am 6/14/11 8:40am

A Microsoft VP's Side Project: Selling Money-Scented Perfume

Apparently Patrick McCarthy, a vice president of sales at Microsoft, has an odd side project: Convincing people that buying his money-scented perfumes and colognes will make them feel more confident. » 1/19/11 10:20pm 1/19/11 10:20pm

4D "Cracked" as Ralph Lauren Stages Massive Visual (and Perfumed) Show

I always thought 4D was time, but according to the fashionable people at Ralph Lauren, 4D is actually perfume wafting out of huge projected-upon stores. Even if you're dressed in hoody and jeans, you'll still find this quite impressive. » 11/11/10 7:30am 11/11/10 7:30am

How To Sell Perfume Online? Easy, Print 'N Sniff

It must be puzzling, working for a perfume company and trying to figure out how to market it to internet users. Brazilian company Kaiak found the most amazing solution to show people just how good (I'm presuming) their cologne is. » 5/31/10 7:00pm 5/31/10 7:00pm

I've Always Needed a [Perfume Bottle] USB [Card Reader]!

Somewhere in China, industry generals gather around a giant, free association computer. It mixes everyday objects (like "comb") with somewhat useful USB technology (like "thumbprint scanner"). The prophecies become real products, just like this "Perfume Bottle USB Card Reader." » 9/29/09 1:20pm 9/29/09 1:20pm

Asus F6 Comes With Webcam, 13-inch Screen, Eau de Asus

Looks like Asus is sniffing out the next big thing now that it's found heaps of success with its EeePC concept, and has decided that what the world really » 8/23/08 11:00am 8/23/08 11:00am needs is a notebook that can function both as a mid-range computer and an Air Wick. The Asus F6 boasts a 13.3 inch screen, an integrated webcam, an Intel Core2 Duo…

Conquest Credit Card Perfume Makes Eliot Spitzer Happy

A perfume called Conquest which comes in a credit card made of steel, capable of storing 20 milliliters of musk-loaded liquid? Atomize it away, Mr. Spitzer, because this seems like the perfect addition to the wallets of punters, NY state ex-governors or anyone with perfume-to-go needs. Whoever you are. [Tuvie] » 4/17/08 9:12am 4/17/08 9:12am

Samsung Smell-o-phone

Smell-o-vision was something previously reserved for cartoons and other gags. Well, Samsung has done the unthinkable and is actually developing a smell-o-phone. This phone will release "smell tones" upon incoming calls. According to the patent documentation the type and amount of perfume can be controlled. Thanks,… » 3/27/06 5:07pm 3/27/06 5:07pm