Thanko Heating Cooling Keyboard Is Ready For Any Weather

Sure, that Thanko cooling fan keyboard »10/29/08 4:00am10/29/08 4:00am was a great addition to your desktop for the summer, but temperatures have gotten chillier now and we're all wondering how to keep our wrists . Why, with Thanko's upgraded keyboard, of course! The wintertime edition has three different warming spots that'll make your hands all…

Novint Falcon Controller with Gun Attachment Reviewed (Verdict: Awesome)

It has been almost a year since we first heard that Novint would add a pistol grip accessory »9/12/08 7:00pm9/12/08 7:00pm to their 3D Haptic Joystick—but the update has yet to hit the market. Nonetheless, got a chance to play a few FPS games with the add-on and were blown away by the level of feedback and control, saying that it completely…

Jupiter Mouse Offers Control Via Glorified Wooden Testicle

The Jupiter Mouse is made of wood, easily fits the palm of your hand and controls the on-screen cursor by using tilting gestures. The astronomically great mouse retails at ¥13,980 ($136.10), and the control method actually seems quite interesting; tilting the mouse results in cursor movement in the relevant direction,… »3/08/08 11:00am3/08/08 11:00am

USB Card Reader Squeezes in a Thermometer and Digital Clock Too

This gadget from Polar is a multifunction card reader that distinguishes itself from all the others with a dust-proof sliding lid and a built-in clock (wow!) and thermometer. It is an analog thermometer, but what the heck: everything else is digital nowadays, so its nice to see some cheapo mashup analogness. The… »2/22/08 10:00am2/22/08 10:00am