The Impossible History of Perpetual Motion

On November 12th, 1717, clockmaker and mechanic Johann Bessler placed a 12-foot diameter, strange-looking wheel into a room. With a tender push, he started the contraption rotating, then confidently turned and strolled outside. Guards promptly secured and locked the door behind him. Nobody would be allowed to enter… »6/14/13 10:54am6/14/13 10:54am

Perepiteia Perpetual-Motion Machine May Actually Do...Something

The difference between Thane Heins' perpetual-motion invention Perepiteia and last year's flop Steorn Orbo is that when it was demonstrated last week—to scientists at MIT, no less—it appeared to really work. The result of more than 20 years tinkering, Perepiteia defies conventional thought, apparently using magnets to… »2/07/08 9:45am2/07/08 9:45am