Slim Trim Razor For Shaving That Is Mathematically Correct

After the Goatee Saver »9/26/08 3:40pm9/26/08 3:40pm, I thought that I had seen it all. But no...there is more where that came from. Check out this Slim Trim razor from designer James McAdam. The caliper mechanism promises a mathematically proportional shave every time. Sure, that makes sense with sideburns and Hitler mustaches, but you have to…

GoateeSaver Ensures Your Goatee Looks as Good as a Goatee is Ever Going to Look, Which is to Say Not That Good

Ah, goatees. The preferred facial hair of nerds, fat guys »8/07/08 2:40pm8/07/08 2:40pm, bikers and . If you're looking to make sure your goatee is as neat and even as possible, you're going to need a little assistance. Say hello to the GoateeSaver. The GoateeSaver is a little contraption you use by putting part of it in your mouth and biting…

Norelco Cool Skin Electric Razor, Phallic But Effective

Click to viewWe just got our hands on one of the first Philips Norelco Cool Skin Model 840 razors, set to release in July. With its streamlined blue body and gray trim, along with its tripleheader cutters mounted atop a crazy looking stalk, this is a razor whose appearance is quite different from any we've ever seen. »6/18/07 3:00pm6/18/07 3:00pm