Maverick Solo Jet: Fastest Personal Flyer, Plus Jets We Love

We're going to have to cancel our order for that Piper Jet we were raving about, because now it's been trumped by the $1.25 million Maverick Solo Jet, the world's fastest tin can in the air for mere mortals, zipping along at a 472-knot clip. For the rest of us, that's a speedy 543mph, or Mach .82 for the gearheads. » 12/04/06 12:12pm 12/04/06 12:12pm

PiperJet Announced, Team Giz Pumped for 2010 Delivery

While we've enjoyed our HondaJet which we use to link our transcontinental Gizmodo team together (I'm lying), we've grown tired of that and are now ready for our PiperJet, a single-engine, six-passenger aircraft that can fly at 414mph at 35,000 feet with a cruising range of 1496 miles. It's just perfect for our… » 10/18/06 12:05pm 10/18/06 12:05pm