iRiver Spinn Controller and UI Caught on VIdeo: Sleek, But Confusing

We've talked a few times about iRiver's Spinn » 8/04/08 7:47am 8/04/08 7:47am with its revolutionary controller, and now its UI has been captured on camera. Check out the radio-dial-like menu selection system, which looks pretty sleek and shiny. You dial through/click the menus with the feature wheel on the unit. Or by jabbing at the touchscreen.…

Dell to Release New MP3 Player with Zing Tech, Media Store, Says Rumor

Remember Dell's DJ Ditty MP3 player? Probably not, since Dell shut its PMP shop a while back. But over at the Wall St Journal, there's a rumor that Dell is planning on re-entering the PMP market with a new device that's been under development and testing. The device, name unknown, has a screen and simple navigation… » 7/30/08 4:23am 7/30/08 4:23am

Sunvision PMPP, World's First Media Player With Pico-Projector

We've been talking about pico-projectors for a while, and here's what's apparently the world's first commercially available media player with one built right in: the Sunview PMPP. The LED-lit iView IPL630 unit inside it can project a VGA display up to an impressive-sounding 53 inches, but only a brightness of 9 lux at… » 4/18/08 3:55am 4/18/08 3:55am

Archos 504 PMP is Really Pretty, Slim and Available

In his demo video you'll see after the jump, you'll notice that this European dude has a lot to learn about video-making (this is a close-up medium, man!), but he does finally end up giving us some tight shots of the Archos 504 PMP's 4.3-inch widescreen in action. Notice in the video how small the player is, whose… » 10/25/06 9:04am 10/25/06 9:04am