Parents Are Dying for the Option to Microchip Their Kids

In 2013, over 20,000 children went missing. 8,000 of those kids are from New York City. With statistics like that, it's hard to fault parents for wanting to be as informed about their child's location as possible. What parent wouldn't want to guarantee their child's safety? But are surgically implanted tracking… »3/19/15 11:20am3/19/15 11:20am


Google Glass Is No More the Future of Safety Than Radio Was in 1923

Many an armchair futurist seems absolutely convinced that Google Glass might soon render street crime obsolete. The thinking goes that when everyone is under the watchful eye of a web-connected faceputer, your common street hoodlum will no longer be able to rob with impunity. We've been down this road before. »9/09/13 6:09pm9/09/13 6:09pm