TDK Goes High-End With Their BA-200 Earbuds

Already peddlers of boomboxes and headphones, TDK has decided they'll make earbuds, too. And it's not the cheap iPod-quality earbuds they're offering, but rather dual-driver in-ear noisemakers. » 8/30/11 9:07am 8/30/11 9:07am

Bose Quietly Updates Its QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Headphones (With…

Ok, so the QuietComfort 15s look almost exactly like the pair of QuietComfort 2s you used that one time you had enough miles to fly business class, and they still cost $300, but you'll have to trust me: Something's changed. » 8/19/09 11:12am 8/19/09 11:12am

The Blank Generation: 1979 as Audio Cassette Enabler

Sony introduced the Walkman in 1979, and I got mine a year later. The Walkman boosted the profile of audio cassettes, which had been challenging LPs and 8-Tracks as a music medium. They soon dominated the music scene. » 7/15/09 11:00am 7/15/09 11:00am

Shure SE115 In-Ear Headphones Review: The New Top Buds

Shure's SE110 earbuds emerged victorious in last summer's in-ear headphone battlemodo, delivering great sound quality and value. Now the new, improved SE115s have arrived, promising superior bass handling over its predecessor. Do they meet expectations? » 3/31/09 9:00am 3/31/09 9:00am

Landport Cubes Squeeze Powered Speakers In Just 1-Inch

Portable speakers for MP3 players are two a penny, but not many are not far off a penny in size: Landport's Cubes are though. They're just an inch cube, but fit in stereo speakers, 3.5-mm jack plug, rechargeable batteries and a mini-USB port. They'll run for 4-5 hours on a charge, too. Just don't go expecting… » 12/01/08 5:48am 12/01/08 5:48am

JVC's Splashproof Speakers Protect Your MP3 Player Too With Plastic Wrap

Waterproof MP3 speakers aren't new, but compared to some » 11/24/08 11:00am 11/24/08 11:00am earlier offers, JVC's SP-AW303 speaker box is neat and has an unusual design feature: plastic wrap. Sure, it's not Saran wrap, but the thin transparent membrane is designed to pin your MP3 player safely inside while letting you prod its buttons. The whole box…

Atomic Floyd AirJax Headphones Made of Titanium2 Look The Biz

Atomic Floyd is new to the personal audio headphones game, and their first bit of kit is actually pretty decent looking. The AirJax headphones are in-ear, but have earloops made of something they're calling Titanium2 (even better than version1?). They're also made of "acoustic steel" which is apparently specially… » 11/21/08 7:57am 11/21/08 7:57am

Fiio's E5 Headphone Amp Steals iPod Shuffle Form Factor

This little headphone amplifier unit from Fiio is a pretty much exactly the same shape as an iPod shuffle, presumably so you can clip it to a lapel or bag strap for convenience while it's in use. It'll push out 150mW of audio power into 16-ohm headphones, with a USB-rechargable lithium battery that's good for about 20… » 11/21/08 5:48am 11/21/08 5:48am

Hitachi Maxell iPod-Only Noise-Canceling Headphones Don't Need Batteries

These noise » 11/19/08 5:18am 11/19/08 5:18am headphones from Hitachi Maxell are unlike many previous similar types since they don't require separate power. Instead they connect to iPods via the dock connector, and can suck on the batteries through there. They do manage about 20dB of noise canceling with an "Active Noise Rejection" system, but the…

iDog MP3 Speaker Toy Goes Soft And Cuddly, At Last

It's been a while » 11/18/08 6:07am 11/18/08 6:07am since we mentioned the iDog from Tiger/Hasbro, because it was basically a dog that'd had its day: Until now that is, when Tiger have removed one of the toy's problems by adding cuddliness. It still has a speaker and does the same LED-flashing face and wiggling in reaction to your music, but it's now…

MP3-Playing, Photo Frame Skull Belt Buckle is Gothic Gadget Wrongness

Sadly this doesn't have "I am become death, the bringer of MP3s" inscribed upon it—it'd chime nicely with the ohmygod tackiness of the Digital Skull Belt Buckle. It's in fact so terrible it's wonderful: A metal belt-buckle in the shape of a skull with interchangeable modules in a cutout in the forehead. One's a cheesy… » 11/17/08 5:52am 11/17/08 5:52am

Dell Ditching Zing-Based MP3 Player Plans, Says Rumor

In July there were some strong rumors that Dell would be bringing out a Zing-based » 11/10/08 5:00am 11/10/08 5:00am MP3 player that would be a "": but now it looks like those plans have been canned. According to the Wall St Journal, Dell had been as close as this Autumn to making at least one Zing-device, but the prototypes are being "indefinitely"…

Sony's Rolly MP3 'Bot Gets To Do RC Bluetooth Jives With Your Cellphone

Sony's Rolly » 10/28/08 5:13am 10/28/08 5:13am is such a strange beast it either confuses, bemuses or amuses you...and now there's a new version with Bluetooth remote control mode. So you can now steer around your confusing, bemusing, amusing little robot MP3 dancer—in fact you can control up to seven of the SEP-50BTs, from a cellphone or laptop.…

$15 Vertu Lookalike MP3 Player Plays Tunes Which The Vertu Can't

I'll admit this is a teeny bit tenuous, since the Hacha PF02 is only an MP3 player whilr the Vertu Signature is a fully-fledged and bejeweled cellphone...but you have to admit the lookalike-ness is pretty amusing. And the fact that a $15 naff screenless MP3 player with 2GB of storage, USB 2 connectivity and MP3, WMA… » 10/21/08 10:15am 10/21/08 10:15am

Greenhouse Headphones For the "An Angel and Devil Crashed Into My Ears"…

Okay, these headphones from Greenhouse are pretty similar to the wierdo pig ones » 10/20/08 8:45am 10/20/08 8:45am from a few months ago... but they're worth it simply because I like the idea of having a mini model Angel and Devil pushed into your ears instead of boring old headphones. They've got a 5mW output, 20Hz to 20kHz response and are out in…

SanDisk Releases $20 slotMusic Player, Dozens of SD Card Albums

SanDisk's grand plan to revolutionize the music industry: selling individual albums preloaded onto SD cards, made by them, to be played on SD card players, made by them. The concept » 10/15/08 6:56am 10/15/08 6:56am is definitely attractive in some ways. The tracks are 320Kbps, DRM-free MP3 files, the SD cards are reusable and the screenless slotMusic…

Sandisk Replaces CDs With SlotMusic MicroSDs With Big-Name MP3 Albums…

Sandisk's slotMusic cards are not much more than tweaked 1GB microSD cards with a logo and a special USB-compatible sled: but the fact that they'll carry albums from big names like BMI Music, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group makes them interesting. They'll also be DRM free too, which is a… » 9/22/08 3:56am 9/22/08 3:56am

Zune 3.0 Software Update Out Now

The Zune 3.0 » 9/16/08 7:00am 9/16/08 7:00am update is just hitting now, chaps. Go grab it, update your PMPs and tell us how it goes in the comments. You can get the files , and get the full Microsoft spiel about what's new . []

Creative Special Event Due September 17th, Invite Teases X-fi Products

Looks like Creative » 9/12/08 8:19am 9/12/08 8:19am is getting set to unveil something new on September 17th: invites have gone out for a special event, bearing this mysterious image. Those darkened shapes in the image bear an X-fi logo, but that, apart from the "I am heard everywhere" slogan is all the info there is on exactly what's going to be…

Sony Bluetooth Sport Earphones: Possibly Useful, Sadly Hideous

When I'm in the gym I love listening to music, and hate the way my headphone cord whaps against me as I'm exercising... and that's exactly the sort of problem Sony's DR-BT160AS heaphones are designed to stop. The "active stereo" 'phones connect wirelessly over Bluetooth, are splashproof, have volume and play control… » 9/09/08 11:00am 9/09/08 11:00am