Ultimate Perv Tech Creates Model of Your Naked Body Using Photo of You Fully Clothed

Have you ever wondered what somebody looks like under their clothes? I'm guessing you have! Well, so have researchers at Brown University. That's why they've developed some fancy software that creates models of what people look like naked based only on pictures of them in their clothes. Awesome? The researchers claim… »10/27/08 12:45pm10/27/08 12:45pm

Finally, Night Vision Goggles Get Priced Low Enough for Cheapskate Perverts

Night vision goggles are one of those things that you've always wanted, but known that the novelty wasn't worth the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars such fancy equipment obviously would cost. Well, good news! Now there are night vision goggles priced with you, the amateur pervert, in mind. Only $90! The EyeClops… »9/25/08 11:45am9/25/08 11:45am

College Student Arrested After Installing Webcam Spy Software On Women's Laptops

A 23-year-old student named Craig Feigin is facing possible felony charges in Florida for allegedly putting spyware of the worst kind on up to 10 women's laptop computers. The programs, which he apparently wrote himself, would cause the integrated webcams on the laptops to take snapshots at certain times when a person… »8/06/08 9:30pm8/06/08 9:30pm

Japanese Men Perfect the Cloak of Invisibility Much to Japanese Women's Dismay

Japan's been tooling around with versions of invisibility cloaks for years now, but they seem to have finally perfected it. Theoretically. By using "left-handed metamaterials" to make electromagnetic control devices, researchers can generate lenses that either reflect no light or have a perfect focal point—the end… »4/18/08 5:00pm4/18/08 5:00pm