The bugs on a single NYC median can eat 14 pounds of food per year 

Bugs and rats have lived for centuries in a deadlocked battle for the title of Worst Pest in NYC, but the scientists behind a new study may have just dealt bug fans a decisive victory by proving how urban insects are our friends—or, more specifically, our garbage . » 12/02/14 6:24pm 12/02/14 6:24pm

Victor Mouse Trap Is Really an Electrocution Dungeon

Just listen to this announcer. Have you ever heard someone so happy, nay, spiritually fulfilled » 11/03/08 8:20am 11/03/08 8:20am over rodent control? We're pretty sure he was paid to do this voice over for the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap, a $100 mini chamber that electrocutes 150 mice per set of batteries, but we're also pretty sure…

10 Hilarious Ways To Kill Summertime Pests With Gadgets

Nothing puts a damper on summertime activities quite like an infestation of pests. The warm weather brings out all kinds of creepy-crawlies, and getting the upper hand on them is no easy task. There are plenty of traditional methods of handling the situation, but they all lack one key element-fun. Indeed, a twisted… » 7/25/08 4:00pm 7/25/08 4:00pm

ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent: For Timid Beasts Only

Scare the bejeebers out of those pesky animals eating your plants or otherwise wreaking havoc in your yard with the ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent, basically a battery-operated sprinkler with a built-in motion detector. Hook it up to your garden hose and if it detects movement, it unleashes a burst of spray that might… » 8/02/06 2:33pm 8/02/06 2:33pm