Pet Pavillion: Luxury Pet House Or Doggie Death Chamber?

It may look like a pet microwave, but the Pet Pavilion is actually a luxury pet house designed to pamper your pooch and keep it healthy. As you might suspect, this device is loaded with features that surpass the living conditions of most humans—never mind your average pet. Features include: PC-based incubation process… » 4/28/08 7:30pm 4/28/08 7:30pm

Philips Tablet DVD Players: Details, Details, Details

Turns out the promise they showed back in November mostly holds up, as we were fairly impressed with the PET line of tablet DVD players Philips showed us. Besides looking great, they have DVD+/-RW, VCD, MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW music playback, as well as a USB port for uploading and displaying images. Best of all is… » 1/08/07 7:06pm 1/08/07 7:06pm

Prototype Odor Recorder Creates and Tests Smells

Smells are evocative: the smell of fresh-cut grass, strawberries and cinnamon all make you think of certain things. This prototype odor recorder creates smells from 8 components, then analyzes the results to make sure that it's producing the appropriate stench. The developers are hoping to use the odor recorder in… » 8/23/06 2:43pm 8/23/06 2:43pm