Nickel-and-Diming Downloadable Content Is Gaming's Future

Are you frustrated by game publishers releasing same-day DLC that screw used game purchasers over? How about making you pay for what should be essential, built-in parts of a game? Well, get ready for more of it, says Peter Moore. » 3/03/10 12:40pm 3/03/10 12:40pm

Microsoft Almost Bought Nintendo, And More Revelations by Peter Moore

When Peter Moore, ex Microsoft VP in charge of the Xbox division walked onto the stage at E3 (now working for EA), you could literally feel the energy of the room pick up. Journalists and fans alike were more entertained seeing this balding guy presenting some sports game rehashes than they were during big budget… » 9/17/08 12:30pm 9/17/08 12:30pm

Peter Moore on the Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 Console

Remember that tepid reaction to the limited edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 announcement at Microsoft's press conference on Tuesday? We had an interview with Peter Moore earlier today, and Moore blames the reaction on himself and his "showmanship" as a presenter. Moore also says he's not worried about the reaction of the… » 7/13/07 8:45pm 7/13/07 8:45pm

The Worst Way to Launch a Console. Ever.

This is Peter Moore making the world debut announcement of the Halo 3 Xbox 360. Note the silence. Listen for the laughter. Groan as Moore tries to save it with an ill-timed "thank you." This Halo 3 Xbox 360 could have been revealed so much better, but instead it was just thrown out at the end of the presser to a… » 7/11/07 3:32am 7/11/07 3:32am

Peter Moore sez: Next Xbox in 5 Years

Peter Moore, who I like to call the Jesus of the Xbox, has announced that Microsoft has already begun work on the next generation Xbox 360 and it won't be available until the 2011, 2012 range. » 3/14/07 2:45pm 3/14/07 2:45pm

Xbox NY Party Recap

Microsoft brought its bigs guns to New York last night (including Peter Moore himself) as they taunted a crowd of energetic gamers, overweight journos, and greasy hipsters with visions of sweet HD downloads. The show had a few celebrities in the mix and our agile videographer Richard Blakeley caught some of the… » 11/07/06 6:28pm 11/07/06 6:28pm

Exclusive Video: Peter Moore Announces Downloadable Movies and TV Shows…

Word broke last night that Microsoft will add downloadable movies and TV shows to the Xbox Live marketplace. How about a video (taken by Giz's very own Richard Blakeley) of Mr. Xbox 360 himself Peter Moore delivering the good news? » 11/07/06 8:43am 11/07/06 8:43am

Xbox 360 Shortage is Over?

Peter Moore, head of all thing Xboxen, has made a bold statement in his DICE session.
» 2/13/06 7:04am 2/13/06 7:04am

Hopefully by store he means eBay where anybody can buy my Xbox 360 price gouged 300%. Along with his Xbox 360 shortage statement he also shared some statistics about Xbox Live. About 54% of all Xbox 360 owners have Xbox Live which…