Watch a Chunk of Lava Stone Get Grafted Onto a Carbon Fiber Bench

The making-of video for Peugeot Design Lab's latest project contains no words—it doesn't need any, since it shows every step of the process: From blasting a huge chunk of volcanic stone from its resting place to crafting a piece of carbon fiber to perfectly fit the rock's jagged profile. The resulting bench looks like… »4/03/14 5:08pm4/03/14 5:08pm

A World in Which Cars are Invisible Looks Pretty Cool to Me

Click to viewIt seems like invisibility is on everybody's mind these days, what with the potential for it to jump out of science fiction and into reality a few steps closer thanks to the hard work of a bunch of egghead scientists. But in the world created by this cool nes Peugeot ad, all cars are invisible. Well, all… »8/12/08 5:40pm8/12/08 5:40pm