Most Americans Aren't Protecting Themselves Against Surveillance

As we inch up on the two-year anniversary of the Snowden leaks, it's important to think about how the Earth-shattering revelations about America's intelligence-gathering have affected Americans. We're all using Tor and DuckDuckGo and PGP and protecting ourselves against surveillance now, right? LOL, no. » 3/16/15 3:30pm 3/16/15 3:30pm

The Majority of the US Population Support Government Phone Tracking

For all the media coverage telling the US public it should be up in arms about the NSA's phone tracking, a new study from Pew suggests that the majority of the population couldn't care less—and in fact support the practice. » 6/11/13 4:44am 6/11/13 4:44am

Report: Twitter Is an Awful Predictor of Public Opinion

A new survey by Pew Research Center reveals that relying on Twitter to gauge public opinion might not be too smart: the reaction on Twitter to big national and political news seems to differ wildly from that measured by surveys. » 3/05/13 6:47am 3/05/13 6:47am

Facebook Users Have More IRL BFFs (And Less Loneliness!)

The research wizards at the Pew Internet & American Life project have some good news for American Facebook users (that might be you!): you have more close real friends, and are less "isolated." I totally relate! Right guys? Guys? » 6/16/11 1:20pm 6/16/11 1:20pm