The PewPewPew Game You Control By Saying "PewPewPew"

Does anyone actually like spaceships and laser weapons? I just like them because it gives me a chance to say "pew pew pew" out loud, which I'm starting to suspect might be the real fun to be had with these sorts of things. Some dudes at Global Game Jam 2011 in Portland agreed—they showed off "PewPewPew," a game in… »2/25/11 2:20pm2/25/11 2:20pm

The Master's Laser Screwdriver Turns Doctor Who into Doctor Pew Pew Pew

Doctor Who fans can now get their hands on the Master's laser screwdriver. Darth Vader to the Time Lord's Luke (father-son relationship aside), the Master's laser screwdriver is more powerful than Doctor Who's—well, that's what you'd think, wouldn't you? Although you can get a simultaneous blast from all three laser… »4/24/08 6:45am4/24/08 6:45am

Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set Lets You Pew Pew Pew Till You Can Pew No More

If you're going to wage war on your fellow cubicle jockeys, then there are worse ways to do it than using the Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set—take it from me, stapling my boss's ear to the office notice board didn't win me any influential new friends when I worked the phones at the Acme Sex Chat Co. One pack consists… »12/11/07 8:58am12/11/07 8:58am