The Most Technically Advanced Drone Footage Ever Looks Pretty Stunning

Drones are great for filmmaking—unless you want footage that looks better than film. The best cinema-grade cameras are basically just too damn heavy to fly. The Phantom Flex4k high-speed digital camera, for instance, weighs almost 15 pounds. But that didn’t stop the drone hackers at Brain Farm from taking it airborne. »4/02/15 5:05pm4/02/15 5:05pm

4K Video At 1,000 Frames Per Second Will Melt Your Eyes

It's an unwritten rule that everything is better in slow-motion. But there's a good chance your eyes aren't ready for the next level of awesomeness from Phantom's new Flex4K camera that can capture an astounding 1,000 frames per second at a resolution of 4096 x 2160. In other words? Every last detail captured in… »4/08/13 9:17am4/08/13 9:17am