Phantom Lapboard Review

The Phantom Lapboard is one of those fabled legends of the gadget world, a keyboard and mouse that you can use comfortably on a couch—in the making since 2004. » 1/21/09 3:40pm 1/21/09 3:40pm

Phantom Lapboard Shipping By The End of The Year, Promise!

Remember the Phantom Lapboard » 11/05/08 11:30pm 11/05/08 11:30pm? Yeah, it's been so long that we've heard any news of it (despite them ), that most people have plumb purged it from their memory. According to Phantom Entertainment's recently updated blog though, the lapboard still exists and it's coming by the end of the year – for real this time! The…

Phantom Lapboard Reviewed (Verdict: Holy Bees They've Shipped It And…

Will Smith over at Maximum PC just reviewed the Phantom Lapboard—that keyboard from the Phantom console guys which we first held for ourselves back at E3 2004. Surprise! They think the keyboard "rocks". Their official position is that the pivoting scheme is comfortable and works great for righties and lefties. The… » 4/25/08 5:30pm 4/25/08 5:30pm

Phantom Lapboard Ships on Phantom Dates

Phantom Entertainment has certainly got the name right; they provide an excellent source of entertainment based on phantom product releases. The most recent of such products is the long-time-coming Phantom Lapboard, which is apparently available for purchase now. The asking price is $130, and it ships on...wait a… » 12/15/07 6:10pm 12/15/07 6:10pm

The Infinium Phantom Lives On

Hey, hey, my, my, Infinium Labs' Phantom just won't die. First offered as a hybrid PC-console gaming system some two years ago, the Phantom has been delayed, beset by lawsuits, and has not even been able to fire a warning shot over the bow in the current generation of console wars. The innards of this machine were… » 12/29/05 7:46am 12/29/05 7:46am