How the Phantom Menace 3D Trailer Really Improves Episode I

Watching the official trailer, I get the feeling that not even Lucasfilm is convinced that a third dimension is going to improve The Phantom Menace. So they've instead they've opted for Plan B in the trailer for the 3D re-release: the eradication of Jar Jar Binks. » 10/24/11 1:30pm 10/24/11 1:30pm

The First 3D Star Wars Release Blasts Eyeballs Next February

Following up on the unfortunate promise that he'd release all six Star Wars movies in three dimensions, George Lucas has settled on February 10th, 2012 for the premiere of a 3D Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Subsequent titles will be released once per year, in order, which means we've got some time before there's… » 3/03/11 3:12pm 3/03/11 3:12pm