AMD X3 Tri-Core Processor Reviewed (Verdict: Get a Quad-Core Chip)

Maximum PC has reviewed AMD's tri-core 2.4GHz Phenom X3 8750 CPU. It performs like you'd expect—in between quad and dual cores. Fine, but it's $195. You can pick up AMD's top quad core, the X4 9850 for only $235, or Intel's Q6600 (which mercilessly beat down the X4 9850 in benchmarks) for $224 now, or hell, $200 in a… » 4/23/08 12:31am 4/23/08 12:31am

AMD Phenom X3 Triple Core Processors Are Crippled Quad Cores in Disguise

Part of AMD's multi-core Phenom blast today is the Phenom X3 8000, "the world's only triple-core x86 processor," which we heard about a few months ago. They're supposed to bargain chips for budget consumers, but they're a nicer bargain for AMD, actually, since it lets them dump bug-plagued quad-core Phenomsby… » 3/27/08 9:30pm 3/27/08 9:30pm