Bill Gates Has $100,000 For Anyone Who Can Invent a High-Tech, Next-Gen Condom

Condoms are a life-saving piece of tech, and for being little more than uninflated latex balloons, they do their job pretty well if you wear them. That's the part that Bill Gates is working on. No, he's not going around as a one-man condom-police army, but he is offering $100,000 to anyone who can make a condom less… » 3/23/13 10:00am 3/23/13 10:00am

Bill Gates' Wife Reveals That Her First Love Was an Apple

The beautiful, smart and, no doubt, fragrant Melinda Gates is the subject of a mahoosive profile in Fortune. And, aside from the philanthropic angle (Bill and Melinda, it is estimated, will give away around $100 billion from their eponymous foundation) it gives a fascinating insight into the home life of Mr. and Mrs.… » 1/17/08 8:31am 1/17/08 8:31am

Google.org Getting Into the Plug-In Hybrid Market

Is there anything that Google doesn't have it's grubby little hands on these days? Up until today we thought that cars were off of their radar, but we were wrong. Their philanthropic division, Google.org, is moving into the plug-in hybrid market. What is that you ask? Basically they are full on electric cars that you… » 6/19/07 6:54pm 6/19/07 6:54pm