Gorgeous Cameras and the Nerds Who Love Them

Biannual photography trade show Photokina took place last week in Cologne, Germany. It was a gathering of companies, journalists, and enthusiasts, all there to swoon over the latest camera gear. If you couldn't make the trip, gaze upon this symphonic ode to camera lovers everywhere. » 9/26/12 10:20am 9/26/12 10:20am

How You Can Make Time Lapse Videos With Your DSLR

Philip Bloom is a time lapse photography wizard. Here he shows you how to make a simple, zoomy time lapse video with photos from your DSLR. Now you just need a plane ticket to Dubai or Prague or something. [Photoxels] » 11/30/10 9:20pm 11/30/10 9:20pm

Dubai Like You Have Never Seen It Before

It takes someone as amazingly talented and knowledgeable as Philip Bloom—the guy who shot Prague and the Skywalker Ranch—to make Dubai to look this amazing using a Canon 7D, two 5D MkII, and one Panasonic GF1. [Philip Bloom] » 2/12/10 1:20pm 2/12/10 1:20pm