Philips Imagination Light Canvas Allows You To Paint With LEDs

Philips Electronics has unveiled their Imagination Light Canvas—a 14' long 6' high interactive wall that features 1,420 LED lights animated by touchscreen and proprietary Philips technologies. Visitors to the new Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, Arkansas, will soon be able to "paint with light" using an entire spectrum… »2/28/08 9:31am2/28/08 9:31am

Police Take Down Dangerous Perp Armed With a Philips MP3 Player

Mechanic Darren Nixon recently got a rude awakening when he was arrested at gunpoint because a bystander and a team of British police both mistook his 4GB Phillps MP3 player for a pistol. Amazingly enough, the ordeal was not cleared up with a simple "It's an MP3 player stupid"—in fact, Nixon was taken back to HQ,… »2/12/08 6:10pm2/12/08 6:10pm

Philips READIUS Materializes With Fold-Away Screen

The Philips READIUS prototype that we showed you over a year ago, is finally materializing as an actual consumer product, not just as an e-reader but as a mobile phone. The READIUS has a slightly different design than the prototype, with a 5-inch flexible display that actually rolls up around the phone, allowing it to… »1/21/08 6:50pm1/21/08 6:50pm

Philips Clock Radio / Digital Photo Frame: The Joy of Family Pictures at 6 AM

If you fancy waking up to the sight of your loved ones, you may be interested in this Philips AJL308 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame, Alarm Clock, Radio and MP3 player combo. This do-it-all device can even be loaded with pictures, video and music from a PC USB connection, memory stick or SD card. No doubt it would make… »11/07/07 5:38pm11/07/07 5:38pm