Tell Us About Your Last Call From a Phone Booth

Phone booths are disappearing. Kids nowadays don’t even know what it is when they are looking at one. But this booth in Prairie Grove, Arkansas is one of the last remaining specimens of a passing era, and just has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. When’s the last time you’ve used one of these… »Wednesday 2:20pm11/25/15 2:20pm


Phone Booths Are Terrible Places to Be in Movies (And Real Life)

When was the last time you stepped inside a phone booth? Like an actual walled-up, door closing, clear porta-potty type booth to make telephone calls? Those fake stalls don't count! I really can't remember. Slacktory culled up various phone booth scenes in movies and reveals what we've always kind of known (and… »5/30/13 7:00pm5/30/13 7:00pm