4 Essential Apps for Mobile Photo Editing

Post-processing is an important part of photography, and it becomes even more important with smartphone photos that may lack depth of color and and dynamic range. With the advent of Instagram and its imitators, filters have come to rule the day for most casual photogs, but many of us demand more control. Here are five… » 12/27/13 12:29pm 12/27/13 12:29pm

Apple Aperture 2.1: Now With Plug-In Architecture

Today Apple have tweaked Aperture up to version 2.1. The biggest change is an open architecture allowing third-party plugins, hopefully adding some of the picture-editing tools Aperture had been lacking. Apple are even starting you off for free with a new "Dodge and burn" plug-in, and more are due soon. Version 2.1 is a… » 3/28/08 8:39am 3/28/08 8:39am