Turn Your Least Favorite Family Member Into a Super Villain With This Comic Book Photo Frame

This clever comic strip picture frame, available soon for $18, comes with stick-on speech bubbles and caption boxes that let you impose any narrative you like on your recent family vacation. Perfect! Photographic proof that your Mom was being totally evil when she wouldn't let you rent that jetski. [Perpetual Kid via … »3/09/11 7:20pm3/09/11 7:20pm


Skyla Memoir Digital Photo Frame Has In-Built Photo Scanner

Looks like digital photo frames are beginning to move from nice-to-haves to actually quite useful »11/17/08 9:45am11/17/08 9:45am: Skyla's Memoir photo frame has an in-built 600dpi scanner so it'll digitize your hardcopy photo archive for you. It's got a 1GB memory, apparently good for about 200 4 x 6-inch prints (the maximum size the scanner can…

HP Portable Digital Picture Frame Lets You Take Your Pics on the Go

OK, OK...so it's another damn digital photo frame, but bear with me. Equipped with a 3.5-inch, 320x240 display, it may not do anything that the average frame doesn't, yet it's appealing to the eye. It's simple design is appropriate for its overall lack of complexity — it has a USB 2.0 port, MP3 support, a single SD… »9/16/08 12:00am9/16/08 12:00am

Sony Vaio Photo Frame Brings Internet Radio, RSS News to Your Mantlepiece

Sending another (admittedly pretty) digital picture frame into an already overcrowded, under-innovated field, Sony has announced is $300 Vaio CP1, which boasts wireless networking, RSS feed integration and - most interestingly - Shoutcast radio streaming. The picture display capabilities are also above average, as the… »9/03/08 7:00pm9/03/08 7:00pm

Lightning Review: D-Link DSM-210 Wireless Internet Photo Frame

The Gadget: D-Link's entrance into the 10-inch photo frame market, which contains Wi-Fi to download and display pics from your Flickr, MobileMe, MSN, PIcasa, webshots, Facebook, and various other photo sharing accounts, or your local network. There's also RSS news display, 1GB on-board memory and a USB port for… »8/01/08 3:00pm8/01/08 3:00pm