LCD or Viewfinder? Boxers or Briefs?

We're liking that LCD viewscreen on our digital cameras, and haven't used that little peephole (isn't it called a viewfinder?) in ages, but sometimes there are good reasons to use the viewfinder instead of the LCD. A little tutorial at the Digital Photography School suggests that the LCD is great for convenience,… » 7/14/06 10:54am 7/14/06 10:54am

Fireworks Photo Tips

Big holiday weekend coming up, and you might want to take a few pictures of the bang bang on Tuesday night. But that can be tricky. Ed Krimen at Photobird gives us his top five tips for shooting fireworks, which might just make the difference between bringing the shot home to momma and ending up with some, uh, modern… » 6/30/06 9:54am 6/30/06 9:54am