Beijing Gets Tougher On Net Cafes With Mandatory Photos

All internet cafes in the main 14 city districts of Beijing have been mandated to install cameras to take pics of people as they enter the store, which are they uploaded to a city-wide database under watch of the Cultural Law Enforcement Taskforce. Shop owners have apparently said that their customers don't care, but… »10/17/08 4:50pm10/17/08 4:50pm


Cellphone Pics Get You Custom Color Sneakers in Nike PhotoID Promo

The idea behind Nike's new PhotoID scheme is that you take a picture with your cellphone and MMS it to Nike's computers. These grab the two dominant colors and send you back an image of a 1985 Dunk high-top basketball sneaker with the colors mapped on. Cool, but here's the neat bit: you can buy the sneakers. Clever… »6/16/08 7:10am6/16/08 7:10am